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Ideas and Activities

On this page, you will find some ideas for activities based on our recorded music. Let us know what you think.

Take It Easy

- What have you got that you can make music with? Join in! 
- Move a part of your body to the beat of the music, or have somebody help you move your body.
- Can you add your own verses to this song? 'Gonna stamp my feet?' 'Gonna wiggle my fingers?'

Adapted from a version by Casper Babypants 

Between the Trees/Far From Polesworth

- Shut your eyes and relax to this pair of tunes.
- Make a collage of the trees.
- The second tune was written on the bagpipes. What can you find out about the bagpipes?

Written by Aisling Holmes

Erie Canal

- Tap along on a table, woodblock or another hard surface to make the sounds of the mule's hooves. 
- Join in with '15 years on the Erie Canal' 
- Low bridge! Get down! What other actions can you add?
- Find out about the history of this song.

Written by Thomas S Allen

Tom Tolley's

- Play along using a soundmaker or body percussion.
- Move your body to the music. How would you describe your movements?
- Play this tune through a portable speaker. Touch the speaker. What does it feel like?
- This tune has lots of different names. How many can you find out? Are there any interesting stories behind any of them?

A traditional English tune

Fly Me To The Moon

- Would you like to fly to space? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you take? 
- Frank Sinatra's famous recording of this song was associated with the Apollo space missions to the moon. What can you find out about these missions?

Written by Bart Howard

Flight of the Flamingoes/
The South Wind

- This tune was inspired by a boy who loved flamingoes. What can you find out about these amazing birds? 
- Make a picture or a model of a flamingo.
- The South Wind is a song about missing a place you love. Where is your favourite place? Why do you love it?

Aisling Holmes/Traditional Irish song

Over the Rainbow

- Do some rainbow artwork
- Learn the signs to this song
- Think about how this song makes you feel.

Music: Harold Arlen

Lyrics: Yip Harburg

Peace At Last/ Da Lounge Bar

- Aisling wrote the first tune while enjoying some peace and quiet after a busy few weeks. Sit back and relax while you listen.    
-The second tune was written on the Hardanger fiddle, a special type of Norwegian violin. These are often beautifully decorated. Using this template, can you create your own decorated fiddle?

Aisling Holmes/Annlaug Børsheim

Peter Rabbit

- Sing along and do the actions. If you're not sure what they are, make up your own! 
- The Peter Rabbit stories were written by Beatrix Potter. Find out some more information about her and her writing.
- Read a Peter Rabbit story.
- Design your own animal character and write a story about them.

Popular nursery rhyme

Broadstairs Harbour/ Sunshine Schottische

- Find your favourite soundmaker and play along.

- What do you imagine when you hear this piece of music? Make an artwork inspired by your thoughts.

- How would you move across a space to this music? See if you can find three different ways.

Aisling Holmes/

Gregory Jolivet

Beyond the Sea

- Do some seaside artwork
- Find and learn another song about the sea. This could be a shanty, a pop song or a song from another genre.
- Find your favourite poem about the sea. Can you turn it into a song?

Charles Trenet/

Albert Lasry

Wals voor Polle

- This tune was written by the composer for his friend, Polle. Can you make something for a friend? This could be a song, a picture or a poem.

Wim Poesen

Walking in the Rain

- How do you feel when you go walking in the rain? You could turn these feelings into a word cloud.

- Draw a picture of a rainy day. You could even use your word cloud!

- Can you find a soundmaker to make the sound of the rain?

Sweet Baboo

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