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York Hospital

'It transformed the atmosphere. It was a sublime moment in a sea of stress and worry.'

- Visitor to a dementia patient

'The whole ward was smiling and singing along – engaging with music gives the experience more emotional power and this surely makes patients happier which in turn can only facilitate a quicker return to life outside the hospital!'

- Visitor to a stroke patient

Leeds Children's Hospital

'At a difficult time for most children and parents the musicians

from Brightside Music had a really positive effect on everyone.'

[Teenager] has been accessing hospital services ever since

birth and we have waited in many waiting rooms – but never

experienced such a happy, friendly, calming activity as we did

listening to and joining in with your music.’

'A wonderful surprise after attending clinic with a poorly, upset

girl to find her calmly listening and enjoying the music.'

'Our son was in his element listening to and participating in the music session. He thoroughly enjoyed it and the musicians were excellent with the children. Would love to see them again and have more fun making music together. Thank you for cheering him up.'


Weston Park Hospital

'A really lovely, lively breath of fresh air in a situation where despair is normal. Thank you.'

'Actually helped to take mind off worrying about consultation and results. Helped fill time in an enjoyable way especially with the waiting time being quite long.'

'The music was most welcome and the content was pitched just right.'

'It made a sunny day even sunnier.'

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