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Aisling has been playing violin for many years and performs at events around the country with the ceilidh band Trinculo and as a dancer and a musician with Pecsaetan Morris. She is also involved in various sessions and events around Sheffield's vibrant folk scene.

For several years, Aisling worked as a class teacher in primary schools. She has taught music across the whole school, from early years to upper Key Stage Two. She particularly enjoyed seeing children's (and even colleagues') confidence grow when they realised that they could make music themselves. More recently, she has run music classes for preschool children and their parents, with an emphasis on having fun together. She completed an apprenticeship with Opus Music CIC, where she met Becky.

Aisling also plays English bagpipes and has established a piping group in Sheffield.

Aisling Holmes
Becky Eden-Green

Becky is primarily a professional clarinettist, saxophonist, ukulele player and singer, although she has turned her hand to a few other things along the way.  After a false start as a philosopher, she graduated from Leeds University with a BA in music, a secondary music PGCE, two Edinburgh Fringe sellout shows with the Leeds-based jazz-funk band add9 and a thirst for participating in as many musical opportunities as physically possible.

Since then, she has been performing at festivals and events with various bands on the folk music circuit including the jazz-folk-funk band Steamchicken and the funk/Irish dance project Sciorr:Staged. She also plays live saxophone over house DJs and in wedding and function bands all over the country.


Becky keeps her ear in by attending music sessions around her home town of Sheffield.  She has continued to teach in various settings and noticing the benefits of music for young people led Becky to complete an apprenticeship with Opus Music CIC in 2016. She has been working on Brightside ever since and her diverse musical interests have helped bring interesting repertoire to the Brightside team.

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